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The media business is becoming increasingly digital

The focus is on the development of digital solutions and services
Ekspress Grupp is a growing and developing media group that adapts to the changing needs of its readers, customers and cooperation partners and creates trends in their media consumption habits. The development of new digital products and services and creation of relevant and interesting content is a significant part of the Group’s everyday work. Equally important is to ensure service reliability that would provide access to all digital services of the Group at any given time and in the device suitable to the media consumer. In 2022, the number of digital subscriptions of all periodicals of the Ekspress Grupp continued to grow which is a proof that the attitude and habits of media consumers regarding paid digital products have changed. Digital subscriptions were clearly affected by the Russian aggression against Ukraine that started in February 2022 and that further increased people’s need for fact-based, balanced and relevant information.
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Digital subscriptions are in a leadership position in all home markets
Ongoing growth of digital business is influencing all media organisations in the world. Whereas new digital products offer new possibilities, an even bigger challenge is the retention of existing customers and attracting new customers. All media products of Ekspress Grupp are available in the digital format. While in Estonia the most important periodicals are traditionally available also on paper, in Latvia and Lithuania the Group’s media business has been digital from its start. In order to offer the best digital services and products in smart devices, the development of media portals has always been a top priority. Digital services and products are also offered by other companies of Ekspress Grupp – Hea Lugu sells audiobooks and e-books and manages online stores Raamat24 and Digiread. Digital Matter specialises in offering automatic advertising solutions, Kinnisvara24, Biļešu Paradīze and Piletitasku are digital service platforms, i.e. marketplaces. Digital outdoor advertising solutions are offered by our outdoor media companies D Screens in Latvia and Linna Ekraanid in Estonia.
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Podcasts and videocasts on the rise
The interest of media consumers in podcasts and videocasts continues to grow. Delfi is the leader in Estonia in the field of podcasting and its different program formats. Delfi Tasku is Estonia’s most modern portal for all different Delfi podcasts. Delfi Tasku features hundreds of programs on sports, business, life, delicious tastes, relations, travelling, hobbies and much more. In addition, Delfi Tasku allows everyone to create one’s own unique podcasts – all you need is a novel idea and initiative. Many probably are still not aware that podcasts can also include videos. Videocast is a new format in Delfi Tasku whose popularity is rapidly growing. In addition to listening fascinating stories it is now possible to also watch the speakers. The programs of Delfi Tasku are available in all larger applications such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Google podcasts, Castbox, etc. In 2022, Delfi launched four new weekly TV programs ranging from culture to daily news in Latvia. The use of audio and video formats is growing and will definitely remain in focus for the next few years.
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The latest results prove that we are moving in the right direction and the growth of digital subscriptions remains high. The number of people willing to pay for a digital product keeps growing, but there will be a point of saturation. We believe that we are not even close to that and there is plenty of room for growth. If a reader is not yet used to paying for a digital product, discount campaigns are an excellent opportunity to test it at a very good price, and helps us to attract more readers.
– Mari-Liis Rüütsalu, CEO of Ekspress Grupp


In the Baltic countries, the number of digital subscriptions of Ekspress Grupp increased by 12% in 2022 and totalled 146,608 subscriptions.
In Latvia, the number of digital subscriptions increased by 5% in a year and totalled 14,131 by the end of 2022.
In Lithuania, the number of digital subscriptions totalled 18,780 at the end of 2022, growing by 8% in a year.
The number of paid digital subscriptions of AS Delfi Meedia increased by 14% in a year and totalled 85,551 by the end of December. At Õhtuleht Kirjastus, the number of digital subscriptions increased by 7% in a year and totalled 18,780 at the end of the year.
The fastest growth in digital subscriptions was posted by Geenius Meedia OÜ that became part of Ekspress Grupp at the end of 2021, increasing by 37% in a year and totalling 5,616 subscriptions at the end of 2022.
The share of Group’s digital revenues was 78% of total revenue.
The growth in digital subscriptions in 2022 proves that the paid content model is sustainable and plays an increasingly more important role in the revenue side of our media companies. Although issues such as rising inflation and living costs have become increasingly important for the residents of Baltic countries, the disturbing events unfolding in 2022 kept the interest in independent journalism high. Wider adoption of digital subscriptions can be seen in Latvia and Lithuania. While Delfi used to be alone in those markets, the Latvian and Lithuanian media sector now accept packaged digital subscriptions on a wider scale and the consumers are increasingly interested in and ready to consume digital products.
– Mari-Liis Rüütsalu, CEO of Ekspress Grupp